DOWNLOAD Portal for iPhone & iPadRequires: iOS Version 10.0 or Higher
(The link above only works for iPhones, iPads, and iPods)
 DOWNLOAD Portal for Android Requires: Android OS 4.4 or Higher
(The link above only works devices running the Android OS)
Once you've registered for the Portal and approved by National Rollout staff, you'll use it to view upcoming jobs and apply to work them. You'll also use the portal to send and receive necessary documents as well as report your progress and issues.
October 30th, 2017

The new version of our Android Portal app has just been made available for download. It provides the same functions as our iPhone Portal app described below.

As with our iPhone app, you must tell your phone it is okay to install it. To do this, run the Settings app that comes with your Android device. Then find the menu item "Lock Screen and Security." Depending on the version of the Android OS you have installed, this item may be subtly different. Look for an item called Unknown Sources and enable it.

Once this is down, click on the download link above and install. We highly recommend you return to settings after installing our app and disable Unknown Sources again if it was that way to begin with.

When you log on to the app, you need a connection to the internet, be it Cellular Data or Wifi. Otherwise, the app will allow you to work "offline" until it is time to upload your information or log on again. Have fun!

October 26th, 2017

The new version of our iPhone Portal app is now available for download. Using this app makes reporting a breeze and allows you to answer questionnaires and take photos on-site. This prevents confusion of photos between multiple jobs; a common issue with web-based reporting. Use the link above to download your app today!

Since the app is an iPhone "Enterprise" App as opposed to being downloaded from the iPhone App Store, upon starting the app, you'll likely be prompted with "Untrusted Enterprise Developer...." Press Cancel.

Go to "Settings" the scroll to "General" and press it. Once there, scroll down to "Device Management" and press it. You should see "The National Rollout Company,..." Press that, then look for and depress "Trust The National Rollout Company, llc". On the following prompt, click on the RED "Trust" button at the bottom.

At this point you will be able to run the app. Enjoy!